Typeforce 8 Exhibition


Talking Backwards

I was a selected artist for Typeforce 8 which opened in Chicago in February, 2017. I named my installation Transponder and based the concept on the idea of information jumping across from digital to analog and what form it might take.

For the show I adapted an encoded visual language and iterated it across wood sculpture, risograph prints, and a silkscreen poster. Everything contains messages that can be decoded.
Two of the risograph prints are “spell tags” which is my reimagining of what a dreamcatcher or talisman would look like if it was generated digitally and spat out into the real world. The third risograph print is the key to the encoded language. I would be happy to send you the riso prints for almost free, just take care of shipping for me. 🙇

The poster shown above is an iteration of the golden rule. If you hang it on your wall, I guarantee that the glint off the ink will remind you to treat others with kindess and compassion.